Alexandra Reishi Plant based Kitchen
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Our Story

Hey, my name is Alexandra, the owner and Director of Reishi Plant Kitchen!

My journey onto the path of vegan cooking started in 2019-2020, after watching documentaries in which the animal agricultural industries are having a negative impact on our planet, bodies and to the innocent beings involved.

Since trying out Veganuary in 2020, I haven’t turned back and I’ve had a passion to prove to myself and the people around me that I can create and consume delicious, fulfilling and nutritious food without contributing to the harmful industries that see living beings as products.

I’ve been lucky enough to gain lots of incredible experience working for vegan restaurants in Worcester and Birmingham over the last few years. I also gained qualifications in food nutrition after studying over the last 5 years, being the only person in my class focussing entirely on a plant based diet.

But enough about me and more about the beautiful restaurant that I’m lucky enough to call mine…

At Reishi, we bring a modern, contemporary dining experience to our guests with ever changing seasonal menus. We offer a variety of international cuisine with fresh, vibrant flavours and creatively presented dishes.

Expect to feel truly looked after & cosy in the relaxed ambience of Reishi, with our thoughtful, experienced front of house team going above & beyond to make all guests welcome.

We have the bonus of being above the Lamb & Flag bar, who provide their legendary drinks upstairs for us and showcase many local talents with live music Friday – Sunday most weekends!

As a team we are all so grateful to have this incredible opportunity to showcase just how delectable vegan food is and we thank you all for your continued support for this passion project which is Reishi Plant Kitchen.

Lots of love,

Reishi Mushroom shape